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September 21, 2014 at 3:13pm
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A few requests that I’ve finally managed to find time for!

September 20, 2014 at 10:23pm
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Anonymous said: but how about some love for simone and kyla? *cough i[.]imgur[.]com[/]Fan9C63[.]jpg & i[.]imgur[.]com[/]LpycarZ[.]jpg cough*

Don’t you worry, Simone is on my list for the next batch!

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So now Afan is out of the Worlds team again…I feel like someone somewhere is playing a really unnecessarily long-winded prank on us all

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swan-barsukova said: I think for the leocards you could do Groshkova's and Omelianchik's famous floreal leos. They would look gorgeous, but also probably be a pain in the ass so... Anyway I love your work, have a good day sweetie.

Thank you so much :) they’re both gorgeous leos and I could definitely attempt them!

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Anonymous said: i hate to be annoying but, if you're going to really do a tori leo (!!) can i suggest i[.]imgur[.]com/0DS8FSy[.]jpg (because most gorgeous canadian leo ever and they deserve one for being so amazing in the olympics) and/or i[.]imgur[.]com/1FCVg6c[.]png because ICONIC moment where queen tori met queen aliya and it's the day she got the moors named for her :3333333333

I had the first one in mind already :) and also 2013 American Cup as that’s when she came onto a lot of people’s radars (plus she did really well)

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afan could be waking up from general anesthesia in a hospital bed and the rgf would be like “heres your plane ticket and a leotard best of luck”

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September 19, 2014 at 9:31pm
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Первым международным стартом Комовой после травмы может стать ЧЕ - тренер →

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tatiana nabieva struggles 101: when u retire but still make the worlds team by accident

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